The fight rules shall be mandatory for all rating and title fights of KRPBF.

1.The fight shall be scheduled for twelve (12) rounds of 3 minutes duration and 1 minute rest period.

2.The "Ten (10) Point Must System" shall be used to score each round.

3.Scoring of incomplete rounds:

If by any reason the fight ends in the middle of a round that has not lasted 3 minutes, it shall be considered an "Incomplete round". Its scoring shall be as follow:

a) when in that round one or both contenders have gotten point or points deductions, the judges shall register the sanction in his score cards, so that if the fight has to be stopped in that incomplete round and it were necessary to go to the score cards, the point or pointes deducted by the referee must be registered so that the Supervisor makes the deduction in the master score cards.

b) in any other case where the decision is technical and that it is necessary to go the scorecards to determine the winner of the bout.

4. The Weigh-In ceremony shall be held at ____ hours. The official scale shall be at the disposal of the boxers at least two (2) hours prior to the weigh-in ceremony.

5.The "Three Knockdown Rule" shall be in effect and gloves shall be ___ oz.

•six(6) ounces: from Minimumweight up to Super Flyweight

• eight(8) ounces: from Bantamweight up to Welterweight

•-ten(10) ounces: from Super Welterweight up to and included Heavyweight

6. There shall be no standing eight count.

7. Bell cannot save the knocked-down boxer in any round

8. Low Blow

A boxer who is hit by low blow must continue after a rest period of five (5) minutes or less as determined by the Referee, or he shall lose the fight by Technical Knockout (TKO).


A. Intentional blows

When a boxer should intentionally punch an unfair blow to his opponent, and as result, an injury or wound is produced, and due to its seriousness the injured boxer could not continue the fight, the boxer who intentionally punched the unfair blow lose by disqualification. 

The offender shall also lose by disqualification when his opponent gets cut by an intentional head-butt and cannot continue fighting.

Should under the same circumstances (intentional unfair blow) the fight be resumed the referee shall penalize the offender by deducting points, depending on the severity of the offense. 

If the fight continues and in subsequent round the fight is stopped because the same injury becomes worse, then:

-Technical Draw: If the injured boxer is in disadvantage or in a draw in the scorecards of the judges, or in case that no more than four(4) rounds have passed by to stop the fight.

-Technical Decision: Favorable to the injured boxer if he is ahead on the scorecards provided that four(4) complete rounds have passed by.

Should a boxer injures himself trying to cause a wound to his opponent, the referee shall make no decision in his favor, and the injury or wound shall be considered as it produced by a fair blow from his opponent.

B. Accidental blows

If a fighter is accidentally injured and the fight cannot continue, or if the fight does continue and, consequently, the injury becomes severe enough to stop the fight, then the decision to call shall be as follow:

Technical Draw: In case that both boxers are in a draw in the scorecards, or in case that no more than four (4) rounds have passed at the time referee stopped the fight.

Technical Decision: In favor of the boxer that is in advantage in the judges' scorecards provided the fourth (4th) round has been completed.

C. Head Butts

If an intentional head butt produced a cut or wound, the referee shall automatically deduct two(2) points to the butting boxer.


The referee is only person authorized to stop the fight and or to decide whether an injury and wound was caused by a legal or an illegal blow or by intentional or accidental.

11.Anti-Doping Test: 

For anti-doping test, specimen of urine shall be taken after the fight.

The boxers should only drink pure water during the event.


When, for whatever reason, the boxer loses his mouthpiece, the referee shall proceed to place it back at the most convenient moment, according to his judgements.

The fight itself cannot be stopped by reason of loss or ejection of the mouthpiece. The referee exercise full authority to prevent a boxer from ejecting his mouthpiece intentionally, and may discount point(s) on account of his behaviour.

13.Suspension of a Fight for Unexpected Reasons

If the fight has to be suspended before the end of the scheduled 12 rounds because of any unpredictable or accidental reason, .the boxer who is ahead on the score cards shall be declared the winner by Technical Decision, as long as they have fought four (4) complete rounds. 

Before the completion of the 4th round, the decision shall be a Technical Draw.


Technicalities as to the ways and style of bandaging the hands are left to the boxers, but on no account can the surgical tape reach beyond or cover the knuckles.

15.Bell rings

If a blow is delivered at the same time the bell rings, it shall be considered as legal blow and consequently the referee shall act according to the rules, that is, begin the count to the fallen boxer. 

If a blow is delivered accidentally after the bell rings, so determined by the referee, and the fight could not continue, the judge's score cards shall be consulted and shall be declared the winner the boxer who is ahead in the score cards by Technical Decision.

If these accidental case happened in four (4) complete rounds have not taken place, the decision shall be Technical Draw.

16. Supervisor

The supervisor appointed by the to act in the fight is the representative of the KRPBF.

His duties are to assist and with regard to the handling of the fight, and to make sure that all the KRPBF Rules and regulations for the fights are complied with.

He has full authority to take whatever steps he may consider necessary to safeguard the good name of the KRPBF and the best interest of all parties concerned.